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Learn From Home (LFH) during Covid-19 Outbreak

In order to limit the spread of covid-19 in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta, Madrasah Pembangunan UIN Jakarta announced distance learning from March 18 2020 until April 21, 2020. It’s temporarily stopped any activities at school.    


Following the policy, Madrasah Aliyah Pembangunan tries to design fun and less burden activities yet still active nonetheless. It schedules only two subjects a day. Some subjects’ tasks are integrated one another. This will surely make students less burden about the assignments they have to accomplish. Some duties are related to the pandemic. So students can give positive vibes to their surroundings. 


To make Learn From Home (LFH) organized, the school gave specific and detailed information about the schedule, the aim of the study, the material, even steps of doing the assignment. All information can be accessed either in Aliyah Google Site or directly to the link as follow The site also provides some products and projects of the students during LFH program.


E-learning is a must to create attractive learning activity. Some teachers use video showing them giving explanation about a subject. Some are using quizzes to check their students’ understanding of certain topics. There are also teachers who use meeting application to explain or let the students ask materials they haven’t mastered yet. The other teachers use social media to make students fun doing the task.


Besides giving works to do, teachers must remotely check their students’ work every day. They have to make sure that students fully understand about the given assignment and accomplish all the assignments. So, they are practically all days 24/7 available for their students.


As for the spiritual aspects, students have to report their daily activities by filling form and uploading picture reflecting their activities accordingly. They are asked to do prayer and recite Al Qur'an as usual. The role of classroom teachers are believed to be essential here. They communicate intensively either with students or parents to keep the spirit of spirituality.


The process of distance learning is not easy for students, teachers and parents. But if everything is carried out wholeheartedly, this shall pass well. [im]